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AKE 30th Anniversary Conference

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From Cover to Cover: Reading Readers


Hacettepe University
Department of American Culture and Literature
30th Anniversary Conference
Ankara, Turkey
November 7 – 9, 2012


Reading has had numerous meanings for different people at different times and places. From reading an animal’s tracks, or a street sign, to reading Derrida, the act of reading has referred to a wide range of activities. People have read for practical purposes (for information, for knowledge, or for material gain), for holy ends (The Quran said “Read in the name of your Lord”), for political and social reasons (“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free,” said Frederick Douglass), for entertainment, etc. In the age of computers, cell phones, and the Internet, the traditional notions about the significance of reading, its function, and value seem to be challenged in various ways. Our conference aims to take a fresh look at the good old practice of reading in all its denotations and connotations from all possible quarters and perspectives provided that papers relate to the American context.


New AKE Curriculum (2009) !

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As you all know, there has been a recent change in the departmental regulations concerning student graduation requirements. We will inform you when the regulations are officially approved by the university senate. Until then, contact your advisors about the implications of the new regulations...




Applications and Admission

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Welcome to all our future students... 

Those who would like to study in the Department of American Culture and Literature at the undergraduate and graduate levels are advised to browse the general requirements below.

Disclaimer: The following information is presented here as a guideline. Our department does not take any responsibility for changes in application practices and procedures.  It is the applicant's responsibility to check with the relevant institutions/offices for the most up-to-date information concerning admission procedures.