Hacettepe University
Welcome to the Department of American Culture and Literature

We commemorate with respect...

We are commemorating GAZİ MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATÜRK, the Founder of the Republic of Turkey, on the 83rd anniversary of his passing to eternity.

Established in 1982, the Department of American Culture and Literature of Hacettepe University was the first deparment of American Studies in Turkey. The courses offered in the Department focus on the cultural, literary, historical, intellectual, social, artistic and political aspects of the USA and how these have developed through the history until the present. The objective of the Department is to follow an interdisciplinary approach in order to make the students develop a critical insight into various literary and cultural products.

Dear Graduates,

You who are the bright youth of Ataturk’s Turkey are honored now with the privilege of graduating from our country’s most well-established department of American Culture and Literature. Having been enlightened by professional knowledge and moral values acquired at the pioneering Hacettepe University in all areas, you will soon be tasked with crucial duties and responsibilities. Through the guidance of reason and science, we firmly believe that you will bring our country up to speed with world’s progression rate by your productivity.

We are proud of you.

rof. Dr. Ufuk ÖZDAĞ

Department Chair


You who are the new members that will shape our future have taken your first step towards what will be a unique university experience. We wholeheartedly congratulate you for getting into Turkey’s strongest and most well-established department of American Culture and Literature.

The aims of all our department staff are to make sure that you become individuals who are creative, eager to take responsibility and solve problems, that you receive the best university education with highest academic standards in order to prepare you for the future, and that we will always be with you whenever you encounter problems and challenges.

We wish you a successful four-year journey as students who will always be proud of being a student of American Culture and Literature. Our aim is to ensure that your university experience, which we will spend together, continues both academically and socially in the most ideal way, ending with the excitement of graduation.  We wholeheartedly believe that you will achieve your goals in this four-year period and you will benefit from the social, cultural, artistic and sportive opportunities offered by our university. We are happy to walk with you on this challenging and yet joyous road through which you will gain brand new experiences.

On behalf of our department, I embrace you with love and welcome you to the department.

Prof. Dr. Ufuk ÖZDAĞ

Department Chair